Dry & Wet Risers


Dry & Wet Risers

Dry risers are used to provide water within buildings that are 18m + in height in the event of a fire and are different from wet risers in that they do not hold water unless they are in use. Dry risers are charged (filled) with water usually by a fire pump truck, or a local hydrant, which then allows the attending Fire and Rescue Service to connect fire hoses to outlet valves located on storey (floor) landings at appropriate points to the fire. Wet risers are a system of valves and pipework that always contain pressurised water and are found in buildings that are 50m + in height. Both the Dry & the Wet riser allow water to be readily available to help extinguish or prevent a fire.

Through our specialist contractor we can provide you with inspection and testing of Dry Riser & Wet Riser systems in accordance with BS 9990, with a visual inspection every 6 months and an annual wet test.

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