Signage types are classified in one of the following groups:

Fire Equipment – A red oblong or square to help identify, locate, and instruct in the use of fire equipment, e.g., fire extinguisher identification

Mandatory Action – A blue circle with a specific instruction, e.g., Fire door keep shut

Safe Condition, Escape Route – A green rectangle or square that helps to identify a means of escape, or safety equipment, e.g., directional fire exit, or assembly point

Hazard – A yellow triangle with a black border that identifies and warns of possible dangers and hazards, e.g., Warning High voltage

Prohibition – A red circular band with a diagonal bar that prohibits behaviour that is likely to increase or cause danger, e.g., No entry

We can supply & install a wide range of fire safety signage to suit your needs. Signs can be rigid PVC type with a standard white finish, a photoluminescent finish, or a brushed metal type finish. White and photoluminescent type signs are also available as self-adhesive vinyl type. For a more prestigious look we can provide brushed stainless steel type signage. Bespoke signs are also available.

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