Emergency Lighting Systems


Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting is lighting for an emergency when the main power supply is interrupted, and the usual electrical illumination fails. The loss of mains electricity could be the result of a fire or a power cut. Without emergency lighting this could lead to sudden darkness and possible danger to occupants, either through physical danger or panic. An emergency lighting system is normally required to operate fully automatically for a pre-determined time and provide a sufficient light level that allows all occupants of a building to evacuate in a safe manner. The light can be provided by way of maintained luminaires (always illuminated), non-maintained luminaires (illuminate when the normal power supply is interrupted), or combined luminaires (contains 2 or more lamps, at least one of which is energised from the emergency lighting supply and the other(s) from the normal lighting supply – These can be either maintained or non-maintained units). We can undertake the annual full rated duration, or “drain” 3-hour test of your emergency lighting system.

Service & Maintenance

We offer a transparent and reliable maintenance service, with all our site maintenance visits linked to simPRO, our live, cloud-based management system that helps us to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and makes the planned allocation of technicians more efficient. Site asset lists of emergency light fittings are created and stored on simPRO, so the field technician always knows the type and location of the equipment at whatever site he or she is scheduled to attend. The asset list is also available for the customer to view, so they can easily identify those assets that have passed and those that may have failed.

All maintenance visits are carried out by our fully trained and competent technicians, so the customer can rest assured that the works are being carried out in full compliance with fire safety legislation and to the recommendations contained within BS 5266 parts 1 & 8 and BS EN 50172.

Supply, Installation & Commissioning

We can replace consumable parts such as lamps that have failed, however where luminaires (bulkhead emergency light fittings, emergency exit light fittings, etc.) are required to be replaced, these works would need to be undertaken by a suitably accredited and competent electrician.

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